CALM 2 - Traditional Steel Tongue Drum



Enjoy the calming and stress relieving sounds of the Calm Drum! It's very easy to play and it's the perfect gift for anyone feeling stressed out.

The drum is handcrafted, and professionally tuned, to give you the best sounding experience.

Release the Calming and Stress Relieving Power of the Calm Drum!

 A Sound You Won't Forget

The drum is often praised for its relaxing sounds and meditative effects.

All our drums are tuned to the C major scale, which means it will produce beautiful sounds whether you are an expert musician or a beginner.

To play the drum you can either use your hands or the included mallets to start producing beautiful music.

Perfect for Yoga, Meditation, and Stress Relief

Around the world yoga and relief centers have started taking use of sound meditation elements. The sound and vibrations induce a relaxed state perfect for deep meditation and creative thinking.

The calming nature of the drum makes it perfect for use after a hard-working day, or a stressed out week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it difficult to play?

Answer: The Calm Drum is beginner-friendly and can be played by anyone.

Question: What's included?

Answer: The drum comes with 2 mallets, 1 drum storage bag, 4 finger sleeves, 1 drumstick holder, 1 user manual, and stickers.

Question: Where do you ship to?

Answer:  We offer worldwide shipping.

Question: What key is the drum tuned to?

Answer: All of the tones are tuned to standard C major.